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15 best free video editing software for editors and marketers

Good video editing will help to promote your ideas through social media and it will make your brand look professional too. Finding out the best free video editing software is one the primary aspect for any marketers to advertise their products. Stunning video contents of your productions can attract many customers and it will increase the ROI on online stores.

In this article we have showcased some best video editing software’s for making innovative and creative videos. Each entrepreneur has their own needs for their videos to make it unique, so we have suggested several video editors with their features. This guide will leave you with clear overview of each video editor and what you can expect from it.

List of Top Free Video Editing Software for Amazing Videos

01. Lightworks

Compatible with: Windows, Linux and Mac

top free video editing software


  • High-quality trim functions with effective, quick and precise video editing.
  • It supports wide range of different video formats with lots of audio, video editing options.
  • Easy sharing of prime videos and export to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and vimeo.
  • Multicam support for synchronizing clips from multiple cameras.
  • While importing contents you can able to edit with accuracy.

Pros: A powerful video editor tool with numerous features.
Cons: Beginners might find it bit advanced. Also, 4k video supports in paid version only.


02. HitFilm Express

Compatible with: Mac and Windows

best free video editing software


  • Provides unlimited audio and video tracking timeline creation.
  • You can able to re-trim your video clips even after adding them to timeline.
  • Audio mixer gives quality output with professional fine tuning sound.
  • It comes with 3D composting video support and it is among best free video editing software for pc.
  • Have the ability to simulate from one clip to other clips or even to a whole project.
  • Composite shot an enhancement which allows making surreal video effect with two separate shots.

Pros: A feature-packed video editor for marketers.
Cons: It does not support for Linux users.


03. VSDC Free Video Editor

Compatible with: Windows

best free video editing software for pc


  • Powerful set of tool features for color correction and audio editing.
  • It’s very easy to handle image filters which are bit similar to Instagram.
  • Mask tools assists for blurring, hiding and highlighting particular elements.
  • It offers social media links like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and Facebook.
  • VSDC editor can maintain the high quality HEVC/H.265 (a sophisticated video-compression standard) at the minimum file size – which is crucial for processing 4K HD files.

Pros: It is relatively very simple to use for beginners with powerful features.
Cons: The technical support is not free of cost and it is available for windows users only.


04. Avidemux

Compatible with: Windows, Linux, BSD and Mac

top free video editing software


  • It is a prototype of an open-source project.
  • This serves as a best tool for encoding, filtering and simple cutting.
  • The beginners can able to handle this tool with ease as the functionality is very simple to use.
  • Avidemux supports DVD compatible MPEG files, AVI files, ASF files and MP4 file formats.
  • It’s sufficient for merging videos together, adding captions and for adding music overlays.

Pros: Simple software which is very easy to use and no need of technical docs.
Cons: Limited functionality that lacks advanced features for innovative users.


05. Shotcut

Compatible with: Linux, Mac, BSD and Windows

best free video editing app


  • Native timeline editing is a great feature that allows user to import audio/video files instantly into their project file.
  • It includes audio filters such as High Pass, Compressor, Down-mix, Noise Gate, Band Pass, Bass & Treble and more.
  • Jack transport sync and tone generator.
  • Shotcut supports for 4k resolutions which is a striking feature of this top free video editing software.
  • Scrubbing and transport control.
  • User can insert, overwrite, append, ripple delete and lift editing on the timeline.

Pros: 4k Resolution support and native timeline editing.
Cons: This interface might be not easy for all users.

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