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Best prank call app for android – Top 9 lists

Pranks have presumably endured in any of the way from the starting of mankind. Nowadays, prank anyone is one of the trendy thing in youth and here you can pick out best prank call app as your wish. Thus, there is no awe that applications are let you to develop and execute many pranks have rapidly made their own way into app stores.

If you’re searching for best prank calling apps then we are here to save your time and release you from trouble of browsing in Google play store with millions of fake applications which are don’t do what they assumed to do, by suggest the list below. By definition pranks are silly, and you can’t expect anything too serious or sincere from these apps. Although if you are naughty, then you can look for some good pranks to use on those very closest you. Whatever, here is the best prank calling apps for android. And be aware of the backfire of your actions.

Lists of 9 best prank call app for android

01. PRANK DIAL – Prank Call App

free prank calls unlimited

The genuine and one of the best pranks calling app. Prank dial with more than 200 million calls sent and endless laughs and enjoyment worldwide. Enjoy and laugh mouth fully and make everyone’s day brighter with 3 free calls per day and 100’s of pranks. Also we can save the calls to our recordings. You can prank your closest using this application because it have hundreds of pranks and you can listen to their reaction and save if you want then also share.

Downloads: 5 Million+
User Rating: 4/5
Size               : 31 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: 5.2.8

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02. VIP Call Prank

best prank call app

This is the best prank calling app that changing the caller id and you can give different phone numbers to prank call. It will hide our caller id and shows other details that we have already selected. When we are calling and it is ringing it will show the name, images and mobile number of the VIP person which we have already selected. After attending the call they will hear the sound that which we have selected.

Downloads: 100 Thousand+
User Rating: 3.9/5
Size               : 5 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: 2.1.2

03. Ghost Prank Call

free prank calls unlimited

Spoof your friends and closest by making they hear a call from Ghost. A ghost call, which can panic anyone to death. This app lets you to schedule call for future in minutes or seconds and when the call comes, it rings in your phone with your default ringtone and when we pick up the phone we will hear a scary ghost sound like saying “I Will Kill You, I Will Kill You”. This app designed to prank anyone which offers free prank calls unlimited. Prank your friends and closest into thinking they are receiving a call from other phone and which warns in the pure evil tone. This application is the most customizable prank call. “GHOST PRANK CALL” is the best prank call you can have.

Downloads: 500 Thousand+
User Rating: 4/5
Size               : 7 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: Compatible with any device

04. FunCall Voice Changer In Call

best prank call app

Using this application you can prank your family and relatives in real life. They will never know the call is coming from you. You can adjust your voice and identity during an actual phone call. Without possibility to find your number you can make anonymous calls from this application. Change your voice during phone calls high to deep and funny to scary. When real conversations are going on, play funny and scary recordings, which is available in FunCall voice changer in call. You can also record and share your funny conversation. By using this app, you can make international calls in more than 150 countries in low price. So, call your family, friends and just have fun with this app.

Downloads: 1 million+
User Rating: 3.7/5
Size               : 19 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: 3.3.1

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