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Best prank call app for android – Top 9 lists

05. Bluff My Call

free prank calls unlimited

This app is also like the above application. Using this amazing application you can spoof your family and friends by changing your caller id, image and voice. And even record your call. Also, this is ultimately free to download and use. Using this awesome app you can make anonymous calls and prank your friends, family or even your girlfriends. This application is very easy to handle and lists among best prank call app. First, select the number which do you want to call. Then, select another number which we want to show in their phone and it’s ready. Record your calls and share it with your friends. You can also make free calls using Wi-Fi. This is a fascinating prank call application which helps you to make funny things, and don’t miss it.

Downloads: 500 thousand+
User Rating: 4.2/5
Size               : 7 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: 4.1.6

06. Prankster Prank Call App

best prank call app

Another best app to prank your friends and co-workers. You can also prank anyone around the world on hundreds of pranks with several languages. Do you like to prank your friends without any difficulty? Then this is the best choice for that. This app has a nice inter face and easy to make calls. Select the prank which do you want to do from your contacts. Then make the call, and wait some times to connect and record your call and listen to the wonderful reactions. This application has more than 200 prank scenarios in several languages.

Downloads: 500 thousand+
User Rating: 4.4/5
Size               : 25 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: 4.1.6

07. Fake Call 2

best prank call app

This is a bit different application from above all, because like its name it’s a fake call application. Use this fake call2 application to rescue yourself from a rude situation, like meaningless interview, senseless conversation, boring other programs. This application charge you no money, it’s totally free of cost and you can make free prank calls unlimited. This app makes a fake incoming call from virtual girlfriend to avoid stiff situations. This app is just for joke, and fun using this application spoof your families and friends. You can select the virtual voice, delay, contact number, from our own list or manual and last press save to get the call. And this application is very easy to access and use.

Downloads: 100 thousand+
User Rating: 3.8/5
Size               : 4 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: 1.0

08. Call From Santa Prank

phone numbers to prank call

This is a good application to prank your children. All of us like Santa Claus a lot and especially our children. And all of them thinking about getting gifts from Santa in Christmas nights. There you can use this application to entertain your kids. The application makes receive a call from Santa Claus, and the magic call from the North Pole will surprise your kids. You can select the Santa image and select the Santa incoming number and schedule the calling time. There is no internet connection needed for Call from Santa Prank, and this is totally free.

Downloads: 1 million+
User Rating: 3.9/5
Size               : 14 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: 1.0

09. Juasapp –Prank calls

best prank call app

This application helps us to play anonymous prank calls our friends and share their wonderful reactions. You can get free prank calls via downloading the app, login on Facebook and many other ways. Using this app you can prank anyone with several prank scenarios and it stands amongst best prank call app. Your friend will never know that who is calling them. In 2 minutes time the call begins and a fun joke will be in your phone.

Downloads: 5 million+
User Rating: 4.1/5
Size               : 6 mb
Price             : Free
Android OS version: 1.1.63

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