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Dangerous and Curious Animals in the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is extremely famous and largest among the rainforest in entire world. You can find out so many bizarre creatures of animals in the amazon rainforest with salient features of their own. Approximately, there are more than 15,000 species of animals living there in which some are more special and also life-threatening. It almost covers a landscape of around 40% of South American continent that includes Peru, Columbia, Brazil, Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Suriname, Bolivia and French Guiana. Amazon rainforest consist of various ecosystems and several vegetation types which is enormously species-rich.

List of 10 bizarre animals in the amazon rainforest

01. Chimpanzee

what animals live in the amazon rainforest

Chimpanzee are naturally an intelligent animal which have complex behaviours and good communication system. The chimpanzee body is entirely covered with rough-cut dark black hair except face, fingers and toes. Even though they seems lighter than humans, they make a pull 5-6 times stronger than us. Similar to humans, chimpanzee are all-devouring includes fruits, leaves and insects suchlike termites, small prey. Usually they spend most of their time in trees where it form nest for night times.

Male chimpanzee: 65 inches in height
Female chimpanzee:  52 inches in height
Average weight: Between 90 and 145 pounds

02. Black caiman

what animals live in the amazon rainforest

It is one among the biggest alligators in the world, also one of the most frightening predator animals that live in the amazon rainforest. The black caiman does not waffle to eat turtles, birds, fish, capybara, dogs, monkeys and even sometimes larger mammals. It usually lives in various freshwater habitats as streams, slow moving rivers, lakes and wetlands. With their muscular jaws they snatch their prey and overwhelm it, then swallowed up whenever possible.

Size: It grows up to 5-6 meters in length.
Weight: Average weight is around 8-40 kg.

03. Anaconda

animals in the amazon rainforest

The world’s most dangerous and largest powerful snake anaconda lives in wet areas like marshes, swamps and streams especially within tropical rainforest such as amazon. They are quick in water as it have eyes above their heads and at times they can unobserved for prey.  Anaconda is very popular for their swallowing of entire prey such as turtles, wild pig, caimans, jaguars and even humans at times. The female anaconda is generally large in size which gives birth to 20-40 little anacondas of each two feet long.

Size: Amazon Anaconda can grow up to 36 feet.
Weight: Weighing over 550 pounds.

04. Capybara

animals that live in the amazon rainforest

The appearance of capybara is much similar to guinea pigs and cavies. Capybara can grow till 4 feet long and 2 feet tall, much larger than guinea pig relatives. They are semi-aquatic in nature and spend their time in the dense vegetation across lakes, rivers, marshes, swamps and ponds. An adult capybara can able to eat about 6-8 lbs (3-4 kg) of fresh grass in a day. By nature they are threatened by caimans, jaguars, anacondas and sometimes hunted by humans for their meat.

05. Toucan

what animals live in the amazon rainforest

Toucans are among the famous icon of amazon rainforest which attracts so many peoples. The rainforest toucans can feed on various range of things such as insects, eggs, nestling birds and few small vertebrates but mainly eats variety of fruits. Toco toucans spend most of their time in the tress as they are not good at flying, besides it features among rainforest animals for kids to see and enjoy.

Life Span: Up to 20 years.
Size: Vary from 7 inches to 2 feet.

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