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Highest Paid NBA Player in 2017

05. Al Horford

most paid nba player

Team: Boston Celtics
Contract: $26.6 million
Signed Using: Cap Space
Position: Center

Information: Kevin Durant is the other big name in Boston Celtics and so Horford was reportedly seems to sign with Thunder anytime soon.

04. James Harden

highest paid nba player

Team: Houston Rockets
Contract: $26.6 million
Signed Using: Bird Rights
Position: Point guard

Information: when Harden signed with Adidas, he ranked among top ten NBA players in the world but it was overshadowed at present with Rockets contract.

03. DeMar DeRozan

top ten nba players

Team: Toronto Raptors
Contract: $26.6 million
Signed Using: Cap Space
Position: Shooting guard

02. Mike Conley

highest paid basketball player

Team: Memphis Grizzlies
Contract: $26.8 million
Signed Using: Cap Space
Position: Point guard

Information: Mike Conley’s current contract is one of the largest in NBA league.

01. LeBron James

highest paid nba player

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
Contract: $31.0 million
Signed Using: Early Bird
Position: Small Forward

Information: Once Kobe Bryant got retirement, LeBron James takes over his place as highest paid NBA player this season. His current team Cleveland Cavaliers is one of the most popular team in the NBA league.


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