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How long does a sprained ankle last?

Ankle sprain is almost one of the common injuries occurred when you are walking on a pavement or whiles kids playing or for a sports person. So, how long does a sprained ankle last and when you can get back to normal is all based on the severity happened on ligaments. Most of the ankle sprain should recover in 2-4 weeks’ time but a severe sprained ankle might take 2 months to nearly 6 months to completely retrieve.

sprained ankle recovery time

Causes and Symptoms

  • The elasticity of ligaments is limited in nature and so when they are stretched out to the extreme, a twist or sprain will occur.
  • Pain is normally felt roughly on the ankle joint whilst particularly on the outside ankle whereas the damaged ligaments located.

How long does a sprained ankle last?

Sprains are generally graded in to three categories depends on the severity and it can help you to estimate the recovery time from an ankle sprain.

Grade 1 – (Minimal)

Physical Determinations:
  • Mild pain happens, localised excrescence, soreness and stability.
  • You can able to walk but there is some restrictions once it comes to jumping, running and jogging especially for sports persons.
  • The ligament are just stretched out however it’s not completely torn and so the ankle ought to be feel better comparatively quickly.
Recovery Time Period:

The minimal ankle sprain will not cause that much a big trouble to deal with. For these kind of issues the sprained ankle recovery time is between 2 to 3 weeks.

how long does a sprained ankle last

Grade 2 – (Moderate)

Physical Determinations:
  • You will sense or feel a tearing sound on the ankle when injury occurs.
  • Immediately or else after 2-3 days since the injury, the wound will develop and causes more concern with pain.
  • The ankle will find stiff and unstable due to number of ruptured ligament fibres.
Recovery Time Period:

For these kind of sprain it is recommended to consult a professional therapist. The retrieval time for moderate ankle sprain is between 6 to 8 weeks.

Grade 3 – (Severe)

Physical Determinations:
  • There will be some severe pain directly and the ankle finds unstable and very difficult to move.
  • Swelling normally develops into a major injury over the next 24 hours.
Recovery Time Period:

For these serious injuries everyone will have a thought about how long does it take a sprained ankle to heal normally? We suggest you to assess this injury in a hospital and often it requires x-ray scan to check the bones nature. This severe ankle sprain approximately takes 3 to 6 months to recover.

Treatment for sprained ankle:

how long does it take a sprained ankle to heal

Home treatment is probably the best one for minimal sort of ankle sprain. PRICE principles is the better way to get rid of sprained ankle. PRICE – Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Apply the cold therapy and wrap compression to reduce the pain. You can apply the ice therapy for 10 minutes in every hour to reduce the frequency and feel better. Repeat the process for 2-3 days to get rid from ankle sprain.

Tapping is another way of treatment for sprained ankle which assist the injured ankle and also improves confidence to overcome from the wound. The proprioception exercise are also crucial to perform to arouse the muscles across the ankle joint to prevent from re-injuries. Eventually, for severe injury one must get fear of how long does a sprained ankle last to get back normal. We recommend to consult some professional therapist for ankle to get completely cured.


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