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How to get rid of a double chin fast – Causes, Remedies and Exercises for Double Chin

Proper Exercises For Double Chin

Normally, general body exercises will make you to stay fit and lead a healthy life whereas double chin exercises assist your jaw muscles to get firm. This helps to tone your muscles on face and jaw by reducing double chin.

1. Chew Gum

You may never believe or consider that chew gum is one among easiest way to reduce double chin. But, this will help your jaw and facial muscles to move constantly. It directs to improve a line of jaw which helps to avoid second chin.

2. Roll Your Neck

The neck roll will lead to stretch your muscles in jaw area. It also helps to release nervousness from shoulders and ease neck pain. Stand straight with spine upright and while inhaling, rotate your head until chin touches shoulder. Rotate your head slowly on either side vice versa. This is also an easiest method on how to lose double chin quickly. Repeat this exercise daily for 10 times to see best outcome.

3. Platysma Exercise

Platysma exercise functions on your muscle which runs towards downward from your jaw. You can do this by standing or even while sitting with erect spine. Pull your backside lips against teeth and rotate the corner part of mouth in downward position. To tone your platysma, do this exercise for ten times in a day regularly.

4. Jaw Release

Jaw release helps to tone and stretches the muscles on your face. Stand straight, then stretch your spine tall with straight back. Through your nose breathe in and exhale slowly. When you are doing inhale and exhale process move your jaw all around like chewing. Once exhale is done, open your mouth with tongue tip pressed against bottom teeth back. Do inhale and exhale process by keeping mouth open. Repeat the steps for 5-8 times every day to obtain good result.

5. Chin Rotations

You can do this exercise by standing or in sitting position with elongate the spine straight. Then slowly and gently rotate your head as it goes in full circle. Keep your shoulders downward and make sure your head rotates slowly in all direction. Execute this process every day morning for 10 times to see good changes in your appearance on chin. These are some home remedies and gentle exercises on how to get rid of a double chin with effectiveness.

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