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How to put on Fake Eyelashes to get Natural Look

Do you ever think many times in a day before the mirror on how to put on fake eyelashes? Then, here is the article you looking for to set your eyelashes like a professional. In general eyelashes produce beautiful and good looking frames around your eyes. For women’s, when they are going for a special party they tend to wish for wonderful look like a princess with grand dressing, voguish hairstyles and attractive eyes with gorgeous eyelashes.

How to put on fake eyelashes – Effective and wonderful tips

how to apply fake eyelashes

Choose your eyelash style

The first thing you need is to pick out your ideal eye lashes which suits for your eye shape. Beyond the technique failure, false eyelashes often appears to be heavy and synthetic. We suggest some of the common eye shapes and structures whilst many variations in appearance.

  • Deep-set eyes – when the eyes are laid deeper into the head it creates illusion of a more salient brown bone. Wonder how to apply fake eyelashes for these kind of eyes! Simply try out the lashes that constitute longer length at center of the eyelashes.
  • Down-turned eyes – these are the shapes where the outer corners of eye seems to draw downwards. For this form try the shorter strip lash which is generally longer in outer corners helps to lift your eyes.
  • Hooded eyes – when the crinkle of your eyelid are not visible then try out thin sharp lash which is shorter in length.
  • Prominent eyes – when the eyelids seems projected in the orbital cavity. Try balancing both of top and bottom eyelashes with strip lashes which gives the delusion of pushing your eyes backwards.

how to put on fake eyelashes

Also, consider whether your eyes set are close or wide. By using pen, pencil or makeup brush and standing before the mirror, place your tool from interior core of one eye to the external edge which will allow you to measure your eye.  Now technically you can able to equip the width of your eyes and it helps to applying fake eyelashes in a proper way. If your width space is less than one eyeball between two lashes then you have close-set eyes for which the lashes that are longer at outer corners suits well. In case of bigger space width of more than one eyeball then you tend to have wide-set eyes for which you emphasis to be at center and inner corner of lashes to draw together.

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Steps to apply fake eyelashes:

Taking out lashes from the box

Hold the lashes packet under your nose and make sure lashes facing outwards because it will help to identify left and right lashes easily. To remove it constantly peel them from outer edge and never use it other way around. If you bend one part of the lashes from outside then it does not matter because it’s like you trimming them away to fit your eyes. In other case, if you break or blend the lash from inner corner then it matters a lot. So, gently tease it out with your fingers and put the remaining lashes back in box.

Measure out the lashes

how to put on fake eyelashes

Lay the strip lash on your eye lash line to check whether it’s look good or need to trim a little bit. The strip should place where the natural majority of eyelashes begin, or if you start very close to inner corner then it might irritate your eyes. Mark 2-4 lashes inwards from outer corner where your strip lashes ought to complete and this is best way on how to apply fake eyelashes. Also, if you left hanging over then it may pull the eyes downwards.

Trimming the lashes to proper size

applying fake eyelashes

While you trim your lashes as per the match, try to mind that you do it from outside edge of the lashes. As well, always cut the lashes at the vein and do not cut it through lashes. If you trim it upwards then you might chop half of other lashes that you wanted to keep.

Preventing fake lash pop-up

Sometimes the lashes can get flatten when you take out from the box and thus pop up at inner or else outer corners once utilised. You can avoid this by rolling up the lashes about your finger, cotton bud, a make-up brush and then leave it for a minute. This will surely help to remain them in more curved shape.

Applying the glue

how to put on fake eyelashes

Mark a dot on the thin layer of glue along with vein of lash and also from corner to corner. Then wait for few seconds to make it tacky before application and this is right way for applying fake eyelashes. If you need long-lasting coating then do ‘double adhesive’ technique through applying few dots of glue on your lash line likewise in the lashes.

Where exactly to put on lashes

how to put on fake eyelashes

When placing the eyelashes mind that you begin where natural bulk starts. Look down and then press the strip lash gently against your lash line with center, inner corner and outer edge to place it properly.

Bonding the lashes

Featuring the mascara to start with allows you to push and pinch your natural lashes along with fake lashes together to make them set well. Compress the strip lash down on with natural lashes and so you do not find any strip of skin within your lashes and false lashes.

Note: Use the eyelash pairs of tweezers carefully with your fingertips.

Making some uplift

how to apply fake eyelashes

If you want or need more uplift with your eye lashes then do it by softly pushing against the edge of inner lash line and it will suits well.

Finally your lashes look good

how to put on fake eyelashes

These are the essential steps to be followed to get beautiful look with your eyelash. It seems tricky but when you carry out in better way, it gives better solution on how to put on fake eyelashes. Hence, simply do it and have an attractive eyelash!

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