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Interesting facts about Rome – 50 significant facts

Interesting facts about Rome

1. Rome was founded in 753 BC by the first king, Romulus. It grew into a powerful and rich during the rule of that king’s heir and it is one of interesting facts about Rome.

2. There is a possibility to the name “Rome” has came from Etruscan word “Rhome” and the meaning is “Strength” or “River”

3. In early 8th century BC the ancient Rome civilisation started on the Italian peninsula.

4. Romans conquered new lands and built a huge empire with their army power, and their army can march 40 km a day.

5. The population of Rome is about 2.7 million and the total metropolitan area of Rome estimated as 3.5 million.

6. In fourth century Rome has constructed a road network of 53,000 miles, and each mile was marked by a milestone.

interesting facts about rome

7. Modern Rome has more than 900 churches and 280 fountains.

8. Rome is located inland about 27 km from the Tyrrhenian Sea and 4,336 m above the sea level.

9. Rome is known as “Caput Mundi” and also as “Eternal City” which is a knowledgeable roman facts for kids to know about their history.

10. The sculptural frieze that wraps around the column has nearly 655 feet in length and Trajan’s Column in Rome is 128 feet high.

11. After Florence in 1870 Rome has become the capital of Italy.

12. The concreting technique is invented in Rome and using this technique they have created many structures and which are fully working today. They have used this technique about 2700 years ago.

13. In Rome there is a law that allows to cat live without interruption in the place they were born.

14. In age-old Rome it’s common to vomit between meals so they can eat more.

Historic Facts of Rome

15. Rome was constructed on seven hills a term coined to describe the Quirinal, Capitoline, Esquiline, Caelian, Viminal, Aventine and Palantine hills ringed the old community.

16. In ancient Rome for women’s red and blond are the most popular colours and for colour their hair they use goat fat and beech wood ashes.

17. Rome built the first ever-known shopping mall in between 107 and 110 AD, and it known as Trajan’s Market because it was built by the Emperor Trajan which is an important facts about the Roman Empire.

facts about the roman empire

18. In 2013 Rome bring 12.6 million tourists, 5.1 million for coliseum and 5.5 million for Vatican museums.

19. The roman emperor Julius Ceasar has created the first 12 month calendar and it is introduced in 46 BC and it was known as Julian calendar.

20. Romans are not spending their all time to fighting and war they are also good engineers and architectures.

21. Romans like to enjoy their food while eating, they like to eat with hand and they are occasionally using spoons, but they never use fork and knife to eat food.

22. Rome has autonomous state located totally in its city limits, Vatican City and it is the smallest city in the world.

23. The “abbreviation SPQR has founded on many Roman buildings, military standards and statues. And it is stand for “Senatus Populusque Romanus” and it means “The Senate and People of Rome”.

roman facts for kids

24. Ancient Rome is 8 times more populated than modern New York.

25. Romans like to have dinner lying down on couches.

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