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Interesting facts about Rome – 50 significant facts

Unknown facts about Rome

26. Romans use urine to wash clothes, it contains ammonia and it is a good bleaching agent and ancient Romans wash their clothes in pee. In every urinal ancient Romans collect urine and get that into the laundries.

27. In Rome’s Trevi fountain nearly .7 million Euros worth of coins are tossed in each year.

28. There is a sign of Roman citizen ship known as togas for men and stolas for women in ancient Rome. Free-born men and women are allowed to wear those signs.

29. The largest church ever constructed is St. Peter’s Basilica is situated in Vatican City.

interesting facts about rome

30. There is a museum in Rome that is entirely dedicated to pasta.

31. The first university in Rome is La Sapienza built in 1303 AD, it is the largest university in Europe and second largest in the world.

32. The Romans worships many god and goddesses with connecting to the life parameters and it is an essential roman facts for kids.

33. Roman Empire is not the largest empire in our world history. It is 28th largest empire.

34. The longest battle in human history is between Romans and Persians, it lasted about 721 years.

35. In ancient Rome there is a festival, the slaves and their masters exchange their places and it is known as “Saturnalia”.

Facts about the Roman Empire

36. In ancient Rome during 7th century BC “Vestal Virgins” were required to manage their hyman intact as a proof of virginity until 30 or they will buried alive.

37. In ancient Rome the life expectancy is 20 to 30 years.

38. Ancient Romans were used urine to whiten their teeth.

39. Paris is genuinely a Roman city called “Lutetia”.

40. The Rome in 150 CE has the less income inequality when we compare to modern U,S

41. The ancient Rome women wore gladiators sweat to improve their complexion and beauty and indeed women in ancient Rome looks gorgeous.

facts about the roman empire

42. Ancient Romans and Greeks even brought slaves with salt.

43. Gais Galigula is a Roman emperor who made his horse a senator.

44. Most of the Romans Re not cruel to the slaves. They encourage and branding them to improve productivity just like modern employers.

45. After 1900 years still 2 roman dams are using in Spain.

46. The technology to make concrete was lasts for 1000 years after the end of the Roman Empire.

47. IF we are building the ancient Rome Coliseum now then it would be cost about 380 million USD.

48. In ancient Rome killing one’s father is getting us death penalty and in that penalty killer will be sewn up in a sack with a viper, dog and a cock.

49. To make Urine smell like roses, woman would drink turpentine.

50. In ancient Rome, born with crooked nose is a sign of leadership which seems simple but a firm interesting facts about Rome.


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