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Most Populated City in the World – Top Ten Cities

This is a big world and the cities with recent rise in population is a clear evident that people are expecting conductive environment to live in. Then surely everyone’s next search ought to be what is the most populated city in the world? Which have good climate conditions, rise in economy and wonderful environment to thrive their life in grand way. Here, you can find out the most populated cities in recent past.

Most populated city in the world – Top 10 List

10. Manila (Philippines)

what is the most populated city in the world

Manila is the biggest city of Philippines, and when you consider the population of the city it will be only about 15 million but when you look at both city and urban area population it turned out to be 21.3 million of total population. The birth rate of this city is increasing with high speed and so it hastens towards world’s most populated city. Manila city has many tourist attractions like Rizal Park, Malacanang palace and the Santiago Medieval. Manila is among world’s most inhabited city and its population density is 42,857 per square kilometre which is much higher than Mumbai, Paris and Tokyo.

09. Sao Paulo (Brazil)

world cities by population

In 19th Century this city remained as a small town, and now it became the prime commercial center in Brazil’s coffee industry. The population of this city according to the census is nearly about 21.2 million people and this city has a much lower density of 2469/km2. This city attracts lots of tourists of the world to its fascinating beautiful locations. Sao Paulo is also the economic, cultural hub of Brazil. The growth rate of this city is nearly about 1.2%.

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08. Beijing (China)

what is the most populated city in the world

Beijing is the capital city of China, and this famous city has a place in world cities by population list. Approximately, there are 21.5 million people living in this city. Beijing has the population density of 1300 per square kilometre. This city is country’s center for culture, politics and education. When considering politics history, then this city is hub for politics for more than 800 years. Beijing has the second busiest airport in the world ‘Beijing Capital International Airport’.

07. Mexico City (Mexico)

world's most populated city

Mexico City is the capital city of Mexico. In 1950, the population of Mexico City was approximately 3 million people and at that time nobody thought that in 60 years it would become one of the most populated cities in the world. Mexico City is the biggest city in Mexico as well as its most influential cultural, political, financial, educational center. This city has the highest population density in North America. According to latest census population of this city is approximately 21.5 million people. This populated city attracts tourists to a great extent and this is also a main reason for the population to increase massively. The grown Rate in Mexico City is approximately 2.5%.

06. Mumbai (India)

what is the most populated city in the world

Mumbai is located in Maharashtra, India and it is also the richest city in India. By the way Mumbai attracts lots of tourists from all of the country and that makes Mumbai as one of the cosmopolitan cities in the world. And this city formerly known as Bombay, its population is approximately 21.35 million. This city located on the west coast region which makes Mumbai the ideal center for business in India. The population density of this city is astonishing with 21000/km2 and grown rate of Mumbai is approximately 2.5%. Also, Mumbai is the hub of commercial and financial activity in India. It has a place in one of the top 10 commercial centers in the world. By all things this city is the heart of India.

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