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Most precious and romantic ways to propose a girl

06. A proposal at the theater

romantic ways to propose

A romantic way of proposal during a movie break is a good approach for how to impress your girlfriend. Make a fascinating and short movie clip to show your valuable love on your dream girl. Select a perfect movie for that and take your girlfriend to watch the movie. During the interval time surprisingly play the video you made for her and enjoy the several cute reactions of your girl. Perhaps, if everything goes well as you planned then it will be the best memorable moment in your life.

07. Beach proposal

how to impress your girlfriend

With cool breeze and astonishing natural scenery, the beach offers some wonderful time to spend with your loved one. So, go to a beautiful beach with your girl and just walk along for few minutes to feel the breeze. After you reach a particular spot where you already made all the arrangements with a quote says,

“Love someone who cares for you more than anyone” ask her to read it out!! When she reads that, you express your love with some words or else propose her by presenting a superb gift.

 08. Birthday party

best way to propose a girl

To express your love on her birthday is something special and best way to propose a girl. Tell your girlfriend that ‘I have some other commitment so unfortunately I couldn’t attend the birthday party’, she might get worry but will not expect you in the party. Then make a huge gift pack and hide yourself inside with a beautiful proposal ring. Ask your friends to take the gift box to her birthday party and present her. For sure, by seeing the huge gift she will get more excite and look to unwrap the gift. Once, she saw you inside the gift it gives her a great surprise and that is the moment you need to propose her with that lovely ring. Definitely she will accept your proposal and what else!? A wonderful life starts from that moment.

09. Famous restaurant

how to impress your girlfriend

Set-aside a grand and romantic individual room at a famous restaurant with wonderful decorations. Then, bring your girl there for a delicious dinner and before you reach there make sure about the meal order as your girlfriend like most. Start to have your dinner under the dim lights and make her felicitous. Then, take the ring you bought for her and present her with some lovable quotes as, “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you”. That makes her a great surprise and by all odds she accept you.

10. Proposal in a beautiful park

how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

Natural Scenery Park is always a nice place to spend your time with your loved one. Try to go there by evening time which is so pleasant to feel and it creates some lovely mood. That is the best moment to say your proposal which surely impress your dream girl. Give her an invaluable gift with an engagement ring and propose her with your own style of words. Most girls prefer the originality of a guy which seems simple but an effective romantic ways to propose a girl. Also, make sure the environment is so good and pleasant while express your love.

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