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Are you ready to enjoy in the best beaches? Then, forget about the Caribbean beaches, when summer came the European beaches become main attraction for sun-worshippers and adventures and here we list out best beaches in Europe. Beat the miserable summer by head farther to the west and find the full power of Atlantic and enjoy the beauty of nature. In summer days the Mediterranean offers warm water and amiable tides as well as heavenly white sand and greenish-blue waters. Here is the list of most beautiful European beaches,

Top 10 Best Beaches in Europe

10. Plage De Saleccia – France

best beaches in europe

Secret beaches usually make a bit effort to get there. But, the reward will be great and Plage De Saleccia is such type of a beach. This beach is mile length splendid white sand breezing gently into turquoise sea, is completely undeveloped. You will have to walk through a desert to get to conceivable one of the best and beautiful white sand beaches in Europe, Plage De Saleccia is the heaven after the hell. The only sounds that we can hear is screeching of cicadas in the groves of Corsican pine, and the contented lowing of a handful of chestnut-coloured cattle that occasionally visit the beach’s eastern end. A mile long desert island dream travel and sitting pleasant on the Mediterranean Sea. This place is great spot for Sun worshippers, families, backpackers and boaters, and also celebrities have been spotted on the sailboat anchored off the beach.

09. Cala Macarella, Menorca, Spain

best beach holiday destinations in europe

Cala Macarella is situated in south west of the coast Menorca, and it is 10 minutes from Cituadella de Menorca. This beach is protected by hills that covered with holm oaks and pine trees. Cala Macarella beach covered with white and fine sand with calm pool of aquamarine water surrounded with rocks. These ambiences giving this place enough warm to sunbathe, even in winter and it makes this place most attractive. We can enjoy the maximum beauty of this beach in autumn and spring without the crowds. Stunning different shades of the water makes this place a beautiful one. Cala Macarella is perfect for families with walking age and other persons looking for best aerial views. This beach also has a small cave not far from there. This beach has all facilities including restaurants, toilets, shower, life guards etc. From here we can access boating, cycling and rubbish.

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08. Cala Goloritze – Italy

best beach holiday destinations in europe

Cala Goloritze, a tiny but gorgeous beach at the base of a deep and amusing ravine. The total length of the beach is only about 300 metres. This beach is located just south of Cala Briola, 9 kilometres from north of Baunei. This beach is the most attractive of its kind and rated among best beach holiday destinations in Europe. You can only walk there by foot and the nature of water gives us the unbelievable shades of blue and green. Many species of birds are living here in Cala Goloritze. In 1995, this beach is elected as UNESCO site and it is one of the best snorkelling beaches of Sardinia. This amazing beach is a greatest spot for snorkelling, bird watching and also suitable for families.

07. Traigh Eais Beach – Scotland

best beaches in europe

Traigh Eais Beach is facing into the full strength of the Atlantic Ocean with neighbouring Berra’s beach airport. This beach has some of the highest sand dunes in Britain. You can reach there by parking the vehicle nearby airport terminal and walk across the machair. The front facing Atlantic can give good rolling waves. An ancient hill fort (Dun Sgurabhal) is placed high rocky bluff at the northern end overlooks the beach. Dun Sgurabhal makes a fantastic viewpoint for a shot looking south along the whole of the beach. The dunes also give us wonderful viewpoints. The evening time is the best time that we can get from here.

06. Praia Marinha Beach – Portugal

best beaches in europe

Praia Marinha is the stereotypical Algarve cove. If you want to believe, then you want to see it, because it is picture perfect. This is the most typical and beautiful beaches of Portugal, and this beach is located at Atlantic coast of Caramujeira, Lagoa municipality in Algarve. It was awarded with acclaimed golden beach award by Portuguese ministry because of its outstanding natural qualities and hence stipulated as best beaches in Europe. When tides become high then the beach looks like a narrow strip of sand and when tide becomes low adjacent coves become accessible. All coastline occurred here is a fantastic collection of grottoes and caves. The best way to explore this area is by boat and many different types of marine species are living here. This beach is not only known for cliffs but also for high quality and clear water. Marinha beach is also used by international advertisement agencies and televisions productions in advertising campaigns.

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