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Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World – Deadliest Dog Breeds

Dogs are considered to be human’s best friend for years. They are playful, friendly, adaptive and loyal to their owners. Almost, all dogs have some good characteristics but still they are aggressive and deadly dangerous too. Here we are sharing top 10 most dangerous dogs in the world and their threats to human. Dogs are among clever creatures as they can protect their owner at any circumstances, also belligerent towards strangers. We have listed some of the dog breeds that can be very harmful, so when you find those dogs try to stay away and behave calmly.

Top Ten Dangerous Dogs List in the World

10. Alaskan Malamute

Origin: Alaska, United States
Life-time: 10-12 years
Height: Male: 61-66 cm, Female: 56-61 cm
Temperament: Loyal, Affectionate, Friendly, and Playful
Weight: Male: 35-42 kg, Female: 30-38 kg

most dangerous dogs in the world

Alaskan malamutes are very energetic dogs and it is a thousand year old dog breed. They are hard to train for most people as it requires more patience and professional way while training them. Originally, they were used as sleigh dogs for carrying heavy loads. Though it is a slow learner it can be very playful and greatly independent and can survive extreme temperatures too. It targets or attacks small animals with high prey drive. These dog breeds can become out of control when it got nervous or angry and it’s very difficult to calm it down. So we have to be careful while handling them.

09. Irish Wolfhound

Origin: Ireland
Life-time: 6-10 years
Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
Colors: Black, White, Grey, Fawn, Brindle, Red
Temperament: Patient, Loyal, Dignified, Thoughtful, and Generous

worlds deadliest dog breed

The Irish wolfhound is a historical dog breed from Ireland and it is a true gentle giant. These dogs were primitively used in the war to drag or haul men off chariots and horses. This Irish wolfhound is extremely coveted in early centuries as they were brilliant hunters, guardians, and companions. It is considered among the world’s deadliest dog breed by its presence along with its large or substantial size. They also hunted large game such as wolves, boar, and deer.

08. Boerboel

Origin: South Africa
Life-time: 10-12 years
Height: Male: 62-70 cm, Female: 58-65 cm
Temperament: Intelligent, Obedient, Dominant, and Territorial
Weight: Male: 60-90 kg, Female: 50-65 kg

most dangerous dogs in the world

Boerboel is a massive and rare dog that is originated from South Africa and is often called as South African Mastiff. It is a well proportioned, large, and incredibly powerful dog with stiff bone structure. These breed dogs are goofy, will enjoy spending time with their owners, very playful, also good guardians of their home. But at times, it can be very aggressive and agile enough to assault many animals and strangers too. Though it is a loyal companion it turns as fighter when needed.

07. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Origin: Rhodesia, South Africa
Life-time: 10-12 years
Height: Male: 62-69 cm, Female: 60-66 cm
Temperament: Strong Willed, Loyal, Mischievous and Sensitive
Weight: Male: 35-40 kg, Female: 28-34 kg

top 10 most dangerous dogs

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are fast-growing and independent dog breed in the Southern Africa region. It is a dominant, attacking dog that features in the list of top 10 most dangerous dogs. They have strong temperament; grow by its own nature and hunting dongs with predatory instincts. These dog breeds can hunt other dogs of the same sex and so potent towards other animals too. However it is an excellent companion for their owners.

06. Deutscher Boxer

Origin: Munich, Germany
Life-time: 9-12 years
Height: Male: 57-63 cm, Female: 52-60 cm
Temperament: Cheerful, Fearless, Energetic, Loyal and Intelligent
Weight: Male: 27-32 kg, Female: 25-29 kg

most dangerous dog breed in the world

Boxer is one of the perfect dogs used by security firms and police. It rates as best dog when it comes to intelligence level than other dog breeds. They have mighty jaws and strong paws, which is perfect for protection. Boxers are normally easy to train; a playful breed with sharp mind is a good reason why they are utilized in security services. Despite having good habits, it turns to violent when it provoked. These breeds are very strong and agile which also has the potential to cause grievous harm on strangers.

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