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Top 10 Most Visited cities in the world – In 2016

Are you planning for an amazing world-wide tour with lots of fun and delight? Here, you can easily find out top 10 most visited cities in the world in 2016. Surprisingly, there are few Asian cities ranked among the list were most of them anticipating about more cities from the U.S, the Great Britain, Australia and so on. However, the most recent list of 2016 is expressed below,

Most visited cities in the world – Top 10 lists in 2016

 10. Seoul, South Korea

most visited cities in the world

Seoul is the capital city of the South Korea and more than 10 million (Exactly 10.02 million) travellers to visit this city in 2016.The cultural, political and financial heart of South Korea and it is the first city designed as capital, in the 14th century. This capital city is the tech hub of this country and technologically most advanced cities of the world. Seoul is also rated as the most liveable city in the Asia with 2nd highest quality, and it is situated between the most beautiful mountain ranges and rivers in the world. There are many historical buildings like palaces and temples are taken as UNESCO’s heritages as well as the Neolithic settlements discovered nearby and indeed this city placed among most visited cities in the world. Seoul is not only about the past and history, it is also popular by many ultra-super architectures, the city boasts are some of the world’s most idea-forward modernized architecture and in 2010 this city was named as the World Design capital. The cuisines and the transport systems of this city is also very great. The modern buildings mingle with many parks are creating an attractive and unique cityscape near the Mount Namsan.

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09. Tokyo, Japan

best cities in the world to visit

Tokyo is the capital and largest city of Japan and in 2016 approximately 12 million (Exactly 11.7 million) travellers visited this city. From this city you can enjoy the exciting subculture fashion and experience the tradition of Kabuki Theatre, or you can just eat the freshest and tasty sushi in the world. This Capital city is a draping urban metropolis with excellent restaurants, skyscrapers and well known museums and interspersed with green space and parks. Various districts of Tokyo has been dedicated to fashion subcultures (Harajuku), night-life (Shibuya and Roppongi) and electronics (Akihabara).The Historic Castles in Tokyo are showing the long history of Tokyo and now Tokyo has many ultra-modern architecture like the iconic Tokyo tower and Tokyo sky-tree. Because of these attractions, blend of the new and old lifestyles has also earned a good place in many travellers destination list. When you are here with every single step you can explore something new like ancient temples, national parks, historic places and attractive architectures.

 08. Istanbul, Turkey

most visited cities in the world 2016

Istanbul is the most populous and famous city in Turkey and in 2016 approximately 12 million (Exactly 11.95 million) travellers visited this place. This city is the fastest growing metropolis destination in Europe and one of best cities in the world to visit. Since the time of ancient Greeks this city has been an important nerve center of European civilization and it is situated in the heart of two empires. Istanbul is the Europe’s famous multicultural cities, and it is because of its unique opening to both Asia and Europe. In 2012, this city is named as the European Capital of Culture. The city boats churches and mosques, malls and bazaars, and a treasure trove of other attractions. The classic Turkish cuisines are very popular and also well-known for nightlife and entertainment industry. Istanbul’s historic centres are taken as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, and it remains as the most famous tourist attraction.

07. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

top ten cities in the world

Kuala Lumpur is the largest and capital city of Malaysia with more than 12 million (Exactly 12.02 million) international travellers in 2016. Shopping and Tourism are the main drivers of the Malaysian economy, it is mainly centred in Kuala Lumpur which is the hub as the largest retail center in the country with approximately 66 shopping malls. The major attractions include the tallest twin tower in the world, PETRONAS Tower, the Jamek Mosque and the National Palace are the main reasons to be ranked in top ten cities in the world. Petaling Street, known as “Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown” is the other famous destination for tourists. There are many cultural festivals, the big Hindu celebration ‘Thaipusam’ and its cortege to batu cave attracts visitors from different of locales. Kuala Lumpur is also the nerve center for art, events and entertainment including music festivals and sports. This city is also famous for its multi ethnic fusion of cuisines and architectures.

06. Singapore

most visited cities in the world

Singapore is a global finance, transport and commerce hub. More than 12million (Exact 12.11 million) people are visited this city-state of Singapore in 2016. In the last decade, the country has earned a prestige for being a leisure destination, with many high-end luxury hotel and resort chains setting up shop, and the authorisation of gambling heralding casino tourism. The biggest draw of this country is said to be its cuisine, this country’s multi-ethnic mix of cuisine has led to a unique blend of Malay, Indian and Chinese Cuisines in Malay and Chinese culinary tradition, dining is also said to be one of the Singapore’s national pastimes. Architecture in this city-state is influenced by fusion of various cultures. Wondrous temples and beautiful gardens makes this country a good vacation destination. Water sports such as scuba diving, water skiing and sailing are famous pastimes, while soccer is famous sport to watch. Singapore’s tourism is steadily rising in the last 5 years.


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