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Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Sites

In modern world, social media networks plays a major role for business peoples to promote their products on the internet. All kind of age peoples are looking for most popular social media sites to share their ideas, convey messages, promote business, and more purposes. With advanced technology, social networks are easy to utilise for everyone to their own intentions.

List of Top 10 Social Networking Sites

01. Facebook

best social networking sites

Founded: Feb 2004
Monthly Active Users: 2,000 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 53.6%

Facebook is the biggest and extremely famous social media network with large amount of users. It is a platform where you can share your comments, links, files, images and videos. Most of the users are from 20 to 30 age group peoples.

02. YouTube

most popular social media sites

Founded: Feb 2005
Monthly Active Users: 1,200 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 29.2%

The largest among video-based social media sites, launched on February 14, 2005. It is the second largest search engine only after Google by which you can share and watch videos enormously. YouTube also stands as popular social networking sites for adults to have more entertainment especially for 25-35 age group peoples.

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03. Instagram

top 10 social networking sites

Founded: October 2010
Monthly Active Users: 800 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 14%

It is a platform to share photos and videos with salient features and focused mainly on the mobile users. This visual social media is owned by Facebook and users can post information about, fashion, travel, art, food and many. Instagram plays a vital role for business marketing.

04. Twitter

best social networking sites

Founded: March 2006
Monthly Active Users: 600 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 8.9%

Twitter is widely known and famous for micro-blogging which have a user base of around 600 million of peoples. The ideas can be shared easily and it is a most popular social media sites for the people under age 30. The post characters are limited to 140 whilst the links and photos are not counted to a limit.

05. LinkedIn

top 10 social networking sites

Founded: December 2002
Monthly Active Users: 450 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 6.1%

The LinkedIn is majorly utilised by the professional users for their carrier growth. This professional usage website is available in more than 20 languages. It offers the peoples to connect with their similar industry professions.

06. Pinterest

most popular social media sites

Founded: March 2010
Monthly Active Users: 400 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 4%

Pinterest is mostly used by the business peoples to pin their content for product promotion. It connects more than 350 million peoples monthly around the world and placed along best social networking sites. The business persons can promote and share their business with others peoples globally.

07. Google+

best social networking sites

Founded: December 2011
Monthly Active Users: 375 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 3.8%

Google Plus enters in to the social media market with huge expectations and rightly attained the place among the bests. It is a major competitor for Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Nearly 60 % of the total users are from the United States.

08. Reddit

social networking sites for adults

Founded: June 2005
Monthly Active Users: 300 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 3.1%

Reddit is a popular social news networking website by which the registered users can pass on their contents with ease. Based on the votes appeared it allocate the category in main page. Reddit rated among top 10 social networking sites which provides large amount of latest information’s.

09. Tumblr

best social networking sites

Founded: Feb 2007
Monthly Active Users: 150 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 2.9%

Tumblr is a micro-blogging site in which users can read other blogs and publish their posts as images, video and music. In 2014, it has a dramatic growth in the networking sites with almost 80% of meteoric rise in users. Even though it seems bit difficult to use compare to other sites it provides quote posts, video post, image post and chat post.

10. Flickr

social networking sites for adults

Founded: Feb 2004
Monthly Active Users: 100 Million
Internet Users Percentage: 2.6%

Flickr works mainly for image-hosting purpose, where the users can store and share personal images and videos. Over 100 million peoples are using this website were most of them are professional photographers. Flickr is one of most popular social media sites which allows the users to upload 1,000 GB of photos and to edit them in best way.


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