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What do turtles eat and generally how long do turtles live

Turtles are reptile kind of vertebrate animals which survived for more than 200 million years. It also lasted through times of excessive environmental change. With so many decades of turtles in this world, you might wonder what do turtles eat and about their life span. Reptiles are former class of vertebrates that lives on the land and as well as in water. Turtles are among the longest living animals on earth with unique qualities.

types of turtles

The upper shell of turtles is known as ‘carapace’ which is very hard and it protects them like a shield. Turtles also comprise lower shell named as ‘plastron’. Normally, turtles lay their eggs in sand and allows them to emerge on their own. In some species of turtles, the temperature will determine whether the egg originate into male or female. The low temperature will results in male turtle and high temperature results in female turtle.

How Long do Turtles Live in Nature

Considering different kinds of turtles it is bit hard to evaluate the exact life-time of these species. Approximately, turtles are estimated to live for almost 80 years. It also get modify or change depends on their diet, health and environment. The larger species of land turtles can live more than 100 years.

what do turtles eat

Sea turtles average lifespan are similar to that of land turtles which can live about 70-80 years. In that life-time, around 40 years are required for sea turtles to reach maturity. Some kind of the sea turtles can able to live more than 120 years. ‘Guinness book of world records’ has mentioned that sea turtles have the longest lifespan up to 152 years. Obviously the next thing comes to your mind is to know about various types of reptile exist in this world. Here you can find out those kinds of turtles with their prominent qualities.

11 Different Types of Turtles

01. Box Turtles

Family: Emydidae
Genus: Terrapene
Length: 7-8 inches

how long do turtles live

Box turtles are mostly found in North America and it is characterized by having a high-domed shell along with non-webbed feet. The hinged shell at the bottom allows turtle to close its head and feet inside. This protective shell affords them with additional protection and saves from predators. The average lifespan of box turtles is around 80 years. An omnivore, this box turtle enjoys several diets such as worms, vegetables, insects and fruits. Box turtles gets benefit from a temperature with above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. These kind of land-dwelling turtle lives happily in an outdoor habitat though it requires some water to defecate.

02. Snapping Turtles

Family: Chelydridae
Genus: Chelydra
Length: 15-18 inches

what do turtles eat

Snapping turtles are sometimes known as ambush predators among freshwater turtles. With this turtle capability, you might think what do turtles eat of this category. It prefers to have live or fresh food diets such as minnows and gold fish. It also consumes few parts of vegetables, earthworms, snails and small insects. This Chelydra family turtles subdivides into two species namely:

Alligator Snapping Turtle

how long do turtles live

Common Snapping Turtle

types of turtles

Most of them are found in South America and North America and also in few parts of Asia. Both turtles can swim with their hard shells under freshwater, but it differs in their tongue shapes. The food habits include frogs, fishes, snakes and minnows.

03. Mud Turtles

Family: Kinosternidae
Genus: Kinosternon
Length: 4-5 inches

what does turtles eat

Mud and musk turtles are generally appears to be small and sturdy. The musk turtles are also recognized as stinkpot due to its foul musky odor release from its shell. These sort of turtles can be able to live from 30-50 years with proper care and diet. Mud turtles are sometimes maintained as pets as they looks small in size and its compact abilities.  Majority of their diet depends on fish, worms, snails and typical food found in water areas.

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