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What do turtles eat and generally how long do turtles live

04. Pond Turtles

Family: Emydidae
Genus: Emys
Length: 7-8 inches

how long do turtles live

This aquatic turtle lives in lakes, streams, ponds and in ephemeral wetlands. It spends most of their lifetime in water though they need terrestrial habitats for nesting. Pond turtle is also an omnivore and the major diet consists of insects, snails, larvae of dragonflies and nymphs. The Western pond turtles can also eat small plants, frogs, and small fishes. These types of turtles survive more than 50 years in nature. Members of this Emydidae family turtles are reasonably noticed when it comes to pet trade.

05. Sea Turtles

Family: Chelonioidea
Average Speed in Water: 4 km/h
Length: 3-5 feet long

what do turtles eat

Sea turtles are also named as marine turtles which consist of seven species from leatherbacks to loggerheads category. These marine reptiles can be found in every ocean basin all over the world with their nesting on tropical beaches. They migrate some long distances, often crossing entire oceans to feed. Green, Hawksbill, Kemp’s Ridley, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley, Flatback and Leatherback are the seven existing form of sea turtles. The leatherback sea turtles are weighed more compare to other sea turtles, which stands about 250-700 kg.

06. True Tortoises

Family: Testudinidae
Class: Reptilia
Lifespan: 150-200 years

what do turtles eat

Tortoise are usually herbivorous which can be consider as a turtle. This is one of the longest living animal exist in the world, that can live more than 200 years. A group or a bunch of tortoises is known as a creep. Scales on their carapace are identified as scutes. Tortoise cannot able to swim but it has the ability to hold their breath for longer-period. The shells of this reptile are very sensitive to touch compare to other class reptiles.

07. Side-Necked Turtles

Family: Chelidae
Scientific Name: Pleurodira

types of turtles

Side-necked turtles is a unique species that can naturally turn their neck side-ward. How long do turtles live of this kind with various climatic conditions. Normally it can live up to 50 years but with proper diet it will live more than that. Pleurodira is a suborder of this class that lives more in Australia, Africa and South America. These reptiles are classified into sub families as Chelidae, Pelomedusidae, Podocnemis, Pelomedusa, and Carbonemys. They live in lakes, ponds and rivers during the wet seasons and in dry seasons they estivate themselves deep in the mud.

08. Softshell Turtles

Family: Trionychidae
Length: up to 2 ft.
Weight: 12-20 kg

what do turtles eat

Softshell turtles are typically described by carapace which is bit hard in center and coriaceous towards the edges. Most of this species are found in South America, Africa and Asia. The average lifetime of softshell turtles are around 45 years. Totally there are 13 existing genera of turtles that are arranged into 2 subfamilies namely Trionychinae and Cyclanorbinae. They feed promptly on worms, fish, crickets, pink mice, and shrimp.

09. Asian Box Turtles

Family: Geoemydidae
Genus: Cuora
Lifespan: 100-150 years

how long do turtles live

There are totally about 12 species you can find out in Geoemydidae family. Asian box turtles spend most of their life time in water compare to land areas. The smaller species are measured about 5-7 inches long and the larger species are about 9-12 inches long. They usually eat night crawlers, mealworms, small mice, wax worms, and romaine lettuce. It also takes commercial turtle foods like bananas, tomatoes, blueberries and watermelon.

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