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What is the most dangerous animal in the world?

There are many animals in this world at present which causes more threatened of killing other species and even humans. Do you wonder about what is the most dangerous animal in the world that are imperilled to us? Then, here you can easily pick out the animals from which you should be more deliberate and stay away. The animals which we listed out below are cumulatively responsible for more than thousands of deaths in recent years.

List of 15 most dangerous animal in the world

15. Endangered Dogs

Human Deaths/Year: 25 – 30

world's most dangerous animal

Even though we detest to pick our own furred friends in this list, the reality is that almost 30 deaths happening in a year by domestic or street dogs. In nature, the dogs are genial and a preferable pet animal to humans which is mostly liked by all. Unless if someone abuse or mistreat the dogs in worst manner, it will not attack the humans. So, it’s up to the people to make dogs more endangered to themselves or not.

14. Rhinoceros

Human Deaths/Year: 20 +

animals that are endangered

The rhinoceros are often abbreviated as ‘rhino’ which is characterised by their big size in appearance. Rhinoceros can able to run up close to 40 miles/hour and with the use of horn they tend to impale threats. Simply, it’s the restiveness induce their poor eyesight plus their desire to defend or protect their young makes them placed among animals that are endangered. In most of the human attacks by rhino’s, they are provoked by some way.

Fact: Indeed, more than 1,400 rhinos are killed by the humans. Looks strange though!

13. Leopard

Human Deaths/Year: 30 +

what is the most dangerous animal in the world

Most of the animas lean to run away and opt to hide out when they are attacked or wounded. But, that’s not in leopard’s case and it’s not their nature character too. This dangerous creature are very strong in general and so quick in moving to attain the prey for their meat. You might catch some of the leopard’s nature in the discovery channels and see how they attack the targets aggressively.

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12. Shark

Human Deaths/Year: 30 – 40

world's most dangerous animal

The sharks are known to be the king of sea which is extremely recognized for its gigantic size. Most of them gets surprised and doubts why this is not listed out in top ten ranking considering its appearance. But, this sea predator does not kill the humans so often compare to other endangered animals though they’re certainly capable of doing it. The big white shark is one of the four shark’s varieties which involved in unprovoked attack on humans since 1990. Almost 150 motiveless attack on humans makes it as world’s most dangerous animal especially in the sea region.

11. Box Jellyfish

Human Deaths/Year: 100 +

world's most dangerous animal

Box Jellyfish considered as one of the most venomous and life-threatening marine animal. The researchers identified that venom of this dangerous species is capable of human collapse and accomplish death within 2-5 minutes. This is most toxic jellyfish among others with their sting easily leads to paralysis and it kills humans.

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