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What is the Most Expensive Hotel in the World? – Top 15 Luxurious Hotels

If you wonder about most expensive hotel in the world!! Then, here you can easily find them out and register for a memorable stay. Normally, best hotel offers you maximum privacy with outstanding facilities to have a great fun along with your loved one. Hotels which furnishes with pricey imported materials, amazing rooms with Picasso paintings, beach-side views and fabulous swimming pool attracts more visitors. Also, everyone has the desire to experience an opulent life style and enjoy it at least for a day. With so many luxury hotels around the world, you might doubt which to select and where to go. Here2helps provides you the entire list with its feature and makes your choice easier for a worthy stay.

List of 15 Most Expensive Hotel in the World

15. The Connaught Hotel

Price: $15,000 per night
Place: London, United Kingdom

the most expensive hotel in the world

The Connaught hotel is one of the most stylish and attractive hotel in the world. It is precisely located at the center of Mayfair in London. Carlos Suite, The Apartment Suite, Terrace Suite, Eagle’s Lodge, Prince’s Lodge and Adams Suite are some renowned suites offered here. The Aman Spa built here draws many customers which is a resemblance of the world-popular Aman resorts. In this elegant hotel, the Christmas celebration is a special treat for the visitants with horse-drawn carriages, carol singing, comestible treats and exciting stockings for children’s.

14. Shahi Mahal Suite at Raj Palace

Price: $22,500 per night
Place: Jaipur, India

what is the most expensive hotel in the world

The Raj Palace was established in 1727 and also it is the largest hotel in India. Each suite in this palace appears to be unique and impeccable. In the year 2014, Raj Palace awarded as Asia’s leading heritage hotel in which you can sense more historical value. This beautiful palace contains 28 rooms along with 38 bedrooms that allows for natural views towards Gardens, Chandani Chowk and swimming pool. It is listed among most expensive hotels in the world with prominent interior decoration. Also, you can relish some historical hand paintings that comprises gold and silver ornamentations with illustrious art work too.

13. Mandarin Oriental Pudong

Price: $24,600 per night
Place: Shanghai Shi, China

most expensive hotel in the world

Mandarin Oriental is an exceptional grand hotel located at the middle of Pudong’s central district in Shanghai. It stands high in the skyscraper locality of Pudong which has the lovely view of Huangpu River. One of the prestigious hotel in china gifts with more than 275 suites and assists with 24 hours butler service. The marvellous Presidential suite owns two private rooftop gardens, grand dining room, a private wine cellar, a huge 50-sqm bathroom and a large gym. All these amenities can be enjoyed at your affordable cost.

12. The Plaza Hotel

Price: $27,000 per night
Place: New York City, USA

worlds most expensive hotel

This magnificent Plaza hotel have got the Royal Suite which attracts many millionaires with its exceptional facilities. The Royal Suite features three deluxe bedrooms, wonderful view of Fifth Avenue, private elevator access and a master bedroom includes private gym. One of the other peculiar thing is it imparts 24-carat gold-plated fixtures in the bathroom that even suits for a king or queen. With a cost price of $27,000 per night stay, it rated among the most expensive hotel in the world.

11. Hotel Cala di Volpe

Price: $30,000 per night
Place: Porto Cervo OT, Italy

most expensive hotel in the world

This sensational Hotel Cala di Volpe includes more than 100 sea-view rooms along with 21 luxury suites. It also lets you to experience a fantabulous view of the Mediterranean Sea. The infrastructure of this hotel handles as similar to that of vintage village area. Here, the Presidential Suite contains two lounges, three deluxe bedrooms, pool bar for a chill drink, spas, candle lit supper and a beautiful swimming pool. These kind of amenities particularly inspire the romantic couples a lot.

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