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What is the Most Expensive Hotel in the World? – Top 15 Luxurious Hotels

10. The Royal Suite at Hotel Plaza Athenee

Price: $32,500 per night
Place: Paris City, France

the most expensive hotel in the world

Plaza Athenee is a historic opulent hotel in Paris, located near Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysees. There are nearly 60 suites and over 160 rooms were available in this hotel with 24/7 butler service. The Royal Suite at Hotel Plaza Athenee is a fantastic place to live in and no one would like to miss this out. It occupies about 450 sqm and it is the largest hotel suite in Paris.  Also, it has 5 restaurants and a separate bar that suits for all persons to have lot of fun and relish with your beloved one.

09. Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi

Price: $36,000 per night
Place: Athens, Greece

what is the most expensive hotel in the world

Grand Resort Lagonissi Athens is valued among worlds most expensive hotel which is situated on the Athenian Rivera. This tremendous and stylish hotel has almost 200 rooms, 10 restaurants and 76 luxurious suites with a helipad landing space too. The Royal Villa includes two bedrooms attached with marble finishing bathrooms, heated pool, Swedish massage and a private deck for beach view. It is one of the wonderful resort that surely makes your stay an unforgettable one in your life time.

08. Faena Hotel Miami Beach

Price: $42,000 per night
Place: Miami Beach, Florida, USA

most expensive hotel in the world

Faena Hotel is astonishingly well known for its bold look, emphasized by animal prints and replete with ivory and marble interiors. It is entirely designed by film director Baz Luhrmann together with his wife, set designer Catherine Martin. The Penthouse Suite has five bedrooms with furnished balconies and attractive interior decorations. So the visitors can enjoy both sunrise and sunset views over the sea-coast. Even though the cost of $42,000 per night stay seems too much, it assures your stay worthy.

07. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Price: $45,000 per night
Place: Cannes, France

worlds most expensive hotel

The prestigious Penthouse Suite is sited on the 7th floor at Hotel Martinez in France. It measures 300sqm site that offers four bedrooms with king bed, a living room, a sauna, a marble bathroom with Turkish shower and 24 hours butler service. This lavish 5 star hotel comprises 409 rooms and 27 amazing suites which provides all the basic comforts. Also, it has 270sqm private terrace with lovely views over the Bay of Cannes and a Jacuzzi tub. With all those amenities it featured in the list of most expensive hotel in the world.

06. Royal Mansour Marrakech

Price: $46,500 per night
Place: Marrakesh, Morocco

most expensive hotel in the world

Royal Mansour Marrakech is an incredible hotel commissioned by King Mohammed VI. It is enhanced its beauty more by gold-plated walls, swathes of marble, intricate tile detailing and onyx floors. The luxurious Grand Raid Suite offers a home cinema, private gym, a spa room and a personal bar. You can feel the Moroccan royalty and relish yourself in this fantastic suite. Also, this tremendous suite lets you to enjoy an outstanding view of the entire city. With a cost of $46,500 for a night stay over here is indeed a desirable option.

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