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What is the most watched sport in the world? – Top 10 Sports List

The popularity of sports are getting rapidly increased around the world due to consistent enhancement of television rights. With more than 7 billion people all over the world, it is hard to pick upon most watched sport in the world. In general, most of the youngsters wish to spend their time in sports to get fitness, mind relax and to increase stamina. Considering the importance of sports, media draws lots of people towards sports to get more entertainment.

List of top 10 most watched sport in the world

10. American Football

most popular sports in the world

Fan Base: 380 Million People
Even though this sport is limited and barely followed outside America, it still rated in the top 10 list with nearly 400 million followers. More than half of the visitors are from Canada and the United States. National Football League (NFL) established in 1920 and from there on it evolved as a major sport in America. Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers are most famous historic teams in NFL.

09. Basketball

most popular sports in the world

Fan Base: 400 Million People
Similar to American football, this sport has a strong fan base in USA. In late 19th century the basketball emerged as a well-known sport in North America. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most popular men’s professional league when compare to other international basketball leagues. NBA is among most popular sports in the world with huge fan following. ‘Golden State Warriors’ and ‘Cleveland Cavaliers’ are the two top teams in recent years.

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08. Golf

what is the most watched sport in the world

Fan Base: 450 Million People
Golf is consider as one of the oldest sport in the world, founded in 13th century in Scotland. It has huge successful and fortunate to spread around globally in many countries. When you compare Golf to other sports, it does not have any face-face challenge or any kind of sledging. Europe, America and Asia have more followers for this sport.

07. Baseball

most watched sport in the world

Fan Base: 500 Million People
This is another sport which is well noted by the followers in USA. With almost 500 million people behind this game, it is the American-led sport. The first former league of this sport has happened in 1876 and developed from there on. It is a game mainly between the batter and the pitcher which backed up by 9 players of each team. New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are the big impacts teams in baseball sport.

06. Table Tennis

most watched sport in the world

Fan Base: 850 Million People
When you compare table tennis with other sports, it evolved as top sports in short period of time. This sport starts dominance in china and spread across in other major countries rapidly. Table Tennis ranked as No.6 in our list of what is the most watched sport in the world. One of the success reasons behind this sport is, the rules are pretty easy to pick up, also occupies only small amount of space. In women’s tournament, no non-Chinese women has attained gold since 1992.

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