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What is the most watched sport in the world? – Top 10 Sports List

05. Volleyball

most popular sports in the world

Fan Base: 900 Million People
Volleyball is a simple and interesting game which introduced in 1964 at Olympic Games. The beach version of volleyball was introduced in 1996 which draws so many people to play this sport. It can be played on any surface such as sand, grass and cement. All you want is just a ball and a net with easy rules to follow. This sport spreads around globally which acquires an approximately 900 Million followers.

04. Tennis

what is the most watched sport in the world

Fan Base: 1 Billion People
This is among most reputable sports which played between two or four peoples. In 19th century tennis has emerged as one of the most popular sports in the world with modern rules. For individuals it is a long standing game which implies more desire for them to play this. With many legendary like Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi makes this sport as illustrious.

03. Field Hockey

most watched sport in the world

Fan Base: 2 Billion People
Even though this game has been played since 3rd Century BC, it developed further with modern rules in 19th century. Field Hockey is mostly played in Asia and Europe with India and Pakistan prevailed during first half of the 20th century. But, later Australia and Netherlands took over with more domination as well. With more than 2 Billion people of fan following, it has an enormous contest from Asia, Europe and Africa.

02. Cricket

most popular sports in the world

Fan Base: 2.5 Billion People
Cricket has evolved as a major sport across Asia, UK, Africa and Australia with huge fan base. It launched about 18th century and become so famous in recent decade with so many new countries are showing interest to play this sport. Though America prefer baseball as their similar sport, in some cities in USA starts to play cricket. This is a game between batters and bowlers which makes more interesting to see and enjoy. Australia, India, South Africa and England are the strong teams to compete in recent years.

01. Soccer

most watched sport in the world

Fan Base: 3.5 Billion People
This game is really easy to grasp, simple in rules and wonderful to watch on television. Almost every country in this world are used to play football which makes this sport more special. The major association of soccer is FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), highly responsible major international tournaments. With almost 3.5 Billion fan following obviously it rated as No.1 most watched sport in the world. Brazil, Germany, Italy and Spain are the most popular football teams in the world.


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