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What to do when you are bored at home – 18 most curious things to do

When you feel lonely in your home, it obviously makes you to feel hard to get your time going. At that moment everyone would wonder about what to do when you are bored and how to overcome that. Here, we suggest the best possible ways to overcome the boredom. In this advanced world, there are lots of things you can do and enjoy your time in home. For that, just you need to pick some beneficial ways to relish the moment with more satisfaction.

18 Fun Things to do When Bored at Home

01. Watch Television

what to do when you are bored at home

Everyone like to spend more time in home by watching television which offers variety of shows and movie collections. It is one of the wonderful entertainment to pass your free time. You can also watch favourite shows along with some preferred snacks. With modern technology it is possible that you can still watch your favourite sports highlights that you might have missed.

02. Write

what to do when bored at home

You can able to express your thoughts, opinions and feelings in words. Writing is a great way to prompt your ideas. Simply, close your eyes for few minutes and recall your memorable event or an unforgettable incidence. Share those thoughts in a paper or notebook. That makes you feel good and it’s a nice solution for what to do when you are bored at home. It also gives an opportunity in future to recall those memories.

03. Draw or Paint

what to do when you are bored

Drawing is an exceptional gift to express your imaginations and views into a clear picture. Though many things in the world are beyond reality, it is possible to sketch it out by a fine art or paint. So, just took a paper and pen and put your imagination in a picture. You can also do it with paintbrushes to attain a wonderful art. After all, drawing is a great fun to enjoy your free time.

04. Organise your room

fun things to do at home

In this modern world, mostly all are busy with their jobs and other works. So, they find it very hard to allocate some time to look at their own things. Because of tight schedule most of them can’t even arrange their room in a neat way. Hence, whenever you find time try to clean up the place where you live. Arrange the things at right place, make your room look bright and provide an energizing atmosphere.

05. Sing

what to do when you are bored

Singing makes you to hear your own voice and one of the fun things to do at home. When you felt lonely, try to make use of that time to record your voice. Choose your favourite song and sing loudly and record it through some electronic devices. Whether your voice sounds good or bad but it’s a great fun to have your own composition.

06. Look through some old memories

things to do when bored at home

Normally, while seeing photos of your loved one or some family event pictures makes you feel good. You might have funny pictures of your own and it brings a lot of smile when you see that. When you have nothing to do, simply took an album of your favourite and look at it. Also, you can spend time by seeing school or college days slam book to get back old memories. It provides you some memorable time ever.

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